Australia And The White Australia Policy

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Australia in terms of immigration, has had a poor history of dealing with people travelling into the country, shown in the beginning of hand picking the majority of Australia 's population. However as the decades have rolled on, whether it be forced or by choice, Australia has become looser and more free in access and treatment within the country and importantly, less discriminatory. In order to see these improvements, the start must be shown, in which is generally summarised by the White Australia Policy.

The White Australia policy introduced as the Immigration Restriction Act in 1901. The policy was about changing Australia 's population so that it was, like that of Great Britain. The act was passed by the federal government of Australia (, 2014). The policy was extremely supported and applauded by the public, with Prime Minister Hughes in 1919 stating “(this is) the greatest thing we have achieved” (, 2014).

The White Australia Policy is one of the most infamous acts passed in Australian history. It discriminated against countless of different races. The policy was created with the purpose to recreate the image of a ‘White Australia’. This was the old approach taken by the Australian government to select immigrants from the white countries like the United Kingdom and stop the entry of immigrants not from white countries. Australia was following the example set by Great Britain, as shown in a statement made by W.G. Spence “If we keep the race pure,
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