Australia Does Not Have Its Own Culture Essay examples

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Australian culture has vanished and turned into multiculturalism. There is no longer a typical Australian culture, but it has been replaced by a melting pot of diversity. There is no longer a typical Australian food, instead it has imported and embraced cuisines from around the world. There is no longer a typical Australian life instead each immigrant can have their own culture in Australia. There are few national holidays and festivals that are unique to Australia, but rather have come from other cultures. To get a better understanding of this, culture is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as:
‘The behaviour and beliefs, characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group’, and ‘the appreciation and understanding of literature,
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So what’s so unique about that? Therefore, there is no longer a typical Australian food as the foods have come from many various cultures.

Secondly, Australia consists of many cultures where each cultural group is allowed to have their own unique culture without integrating with Australian people. One could come from China and not even have to speak English because there are so many Chinese people in Australia over 1,950,000 Chinese live in Australia. Since Australia has many mixed cultures one could have their own culture in Australia. So many immigrants have come in a short space of time from over 226 different cultures thus diluting Australia’s original culture. Migrants have enriched almost every aspect of Australian life, from business to the arts, from cooking to comedy and from science to sport. Australia’s laws allow immigrants to express their own culture here. This all the more showing that Australia consists of many diverse cultures and that immigrants have changed the lifestyle in Australia.

Lastly, most, if not all of Australia’s national holidays and festivals, have come from diverse cultures. Six of the main festivals celebrated in Australia are Chinese New Year, Oz Asia festivals, Christmas pageant, Brisbane’s French Experience, St Patrick’s Day, and Australia Day. Quite frankly not one of those festivals can teach someone a single thing about Australian culture but rather other cultures. Out of those six
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