Australia Federation Encourages Immigration Policy

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I heard that Australia federation encourages immigration policy to develop the economy status by increasing the number of foreigners regardless of countries. I know the fact that there was a huge migration history about 200 years ago related to prisoners came from Britain for the first time. After first migration, anyone allowed to arrive in Australia that has called free immigration. When considering this history, I thought that many number of first or second generation Australians, who seem to live longer than younger generation, are from British or New Zealand. Also, almost Western people with blue eyes or blond hair can speak English without language barrier whenever they communicate with Australian. However, I did not know that…show more content…
In these days, the legislation of permanent residence has been restricted to immigrants because of the economic recession and the lack of job vacancy to Australian youth. In conclusion, scholarship journals affected my point of view.

Today, the population of Australia has shown people of which one in four close to 22,400,000 came from a different linguistically diverse and cultural background. Among the total population, immigrant rate in Australia has gradually grown since the late 1940s increased from 1 in 10 Australians (10%) in 1947. Graeme Hugo, being served as a professor of demography at the University of Adelaide, said that there was huge change as a remarkable record between in 1959 and 2003. The 100,000th Australian was born in 10th of March 1959 and the population of Australia was increased to two-times during the 44 years. When classified the country and origin immigrants, the USA, 15 European countries of which 60% from the UK and more than 1,000 immigrants from China appeared high record in 1959. Nowadays, human life was longer than 10years, the number of family was reduced by half and that of advanced women in society was rapidly increased. On the other hand, many job seekers are not seeking a job, there are more immigrants from other countries than from Europe, Australians are able to live with higher quality lifestyle than before and to eat the various kinds of foods. Many Asians think at least once about immigration to Western countries or
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