Australia Federation Research Paper

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Before 1901 Australia was not a federation, it was a collection of 6 British colonies, with them being, New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland, Southern Australia, and Western Australia. In the 1850s the forming of an Australian Federation was not as popular, due to the fact that the colonies were more worried about their own nation and people. It was not until the 1880s until people considered the advantages of forming a nation, and in 1901 they formed a nation. The there are plenty of reasons for this, however the 3 main reason they formed a nation was because, they wanted to have a united defense force and could protect Australia better, they also wanted to increase their policies on the white Australian policy, and they could…show more content…
During the time, other countries’ was presence around the country, with the Russians in the Pacific, Germany in Papa New Guinea, and France colonizing New Carolina. Even though the colonies had armies in every town but according to a report made by the British Army’s Major – General Sir J. Bevan Edwards it said that “the colonies did not possess enough men, arms or even ammunition or provide adequate defense.” This report had strengthen the idea that the colonies needed to unite their troops to form one united army. Also with the fact that each colony’s navy had only one or two warship, if other navies were to come from sea, their navy won’t have enough power and size to defend the country. Finally with Asian countries like China and Japan with a great army, there were also fear that they would come invade the colonies, and that they would have absolutely no possibilities in defending the country. As Alfred Deakin, later to be Chief Secretary of Victoria had warned: 'The Asiatic wave which has threatened to engulf us is only suspended for a short time, but if the colonies do not federate our comparatively trifling white population will be swept before it like a feather'. All this gave the colonies all the reasons to unite the nation and unite the army. Apart from defending
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