Australia Has Gone Backwards On Women Politics

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Australia Has Gone Backwards on Women in Politics
Has the misrepresentation of 50.2% of the population harmed our Nation for good?

Y our son and daughter are raised under one roof, afforded the same education and grow up exposed to the same parental expectations. Why is it then that your little girl, however bright, will not be able to reach as high a rung on the corporate ladder? Laura Sims investigates.
It might surprise you that while feminist rallies and peaceful protests are taking place worldwide, Australia has in fact retracted their level of female political representation in the last five years. While other nations are progressing in their level of gender equality, the drag in women with an interest in politics is largely to blame.
When Julia Gillard was elected as Australia’s first female Prime Minister, the celebrations of this breakthrough were short lived as cruel, stereotypical insults to her appearance and personal conduct soon arose across the media. Front page of the tabloids read, “On what should have been one of the proudest days of Gillard’s political career, she bungled it with a less than flattering haircut and a frumpy ’80s tapestry print jacket.” ▶
Not surprisingly, following these attacks on the PM, young girls were notably more hesitant towards entering the political circle. A survey conducted by Forbes Magazine, of 2,100 18 to 25 year olds, showed 63% of young women had ruled out a career in politics while only 43% of men had come to this…
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