Australia Has Gone Backwards On Women Politics

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Australia Has Gone Backwards on Women in Politics
Has the misrepresentation of 50.2% of the population harmed our Nation for good?

Y our son and daughter are raised under one roof, afforded the same education and grow up exposed to the same parental expectations. Why is it then that your little girl, however bright, will not be able to reach as high a rung on the corporate ladder? Laura Sims investigates.
It might surprise you that while feminist rallies and peaceful protests are taking place worldwide, Australia has in fact retracted their level of female political representation in the last five years. While other nations are progressing in their level of gender equality, the drag in women with an interest in politics is largely to
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Ms Gillard expressed her concern towards this trend while addressing the effect of these sexist comments. ' 'I don 't want to see a message like that sent to young girls, ' ' Ms Gillard said. ' 'I want young girls and women to be able to feel like they can be included in public life and not have to face [what] I faced. ' '
Despite fruitful attempts to increase female representation in recent years, Australia’s international position in terms of the number of women elected has declined from 20th place to 44th place since the turn of the century.
Attempts to attract women into political careers are often focused on the individual and how their personal life will be impacted, rather than advocating a more broad societal effect. Professor Charles Wright Mills popularised this idea of disregarding personal troubles of milieu so societal function and welfare becomes paramount. However, when a substantial number of women are impacted on a personal level, structures of inequity and unequal opportunity which underpin institutions within society must be analysed. Both before her Prime Ministership and today following her resignation, Ms Gillard appeals to younger generations with her pitch, “The benefits of what you get to do are far superior to the burdens.” This plea from the University of Melbourne alum supports the continual relevance of Mills’ theory.
The gender pay gap is no stranger to the lime-light however the most recent data tells a frightening story. Sex
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