Australia Is Experiencing A True Predicament

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Australia is experiencing a true predicament. Australians feel that the nation does not have a clear nation identity. This failure to do so has left the country in a state of discontent. If a national identity is an idea constructed by modern nation-states to identify real or imagined commonalities in order to unite a population (Flayhive 2007). Australia is missing a national identity, as the country has yet to construct its own national identity. This lack of a clear national identity can largely be attributed to the youth of the country. The youth of the country and lack of a recognisable national identity does not mean Australia does not have one. The country’s national identity comes from the shared core values and experiences of the…show more content…
A clear national identity leads to a strong sense of national pride and patriotism (Hauss 2003), which in turn leads to higher rates of happiness, cohesion and stability among the country’s inhabitants (Write and Reeskens 2011). A lack of a clear national identity causes displaced people to quickly become isolated in a new homeland, as the country was unable to present the displaced person with a sense of belonging. This sense of belonging is “something more than just residence or vague opportunity or even welfare benefits,” (Daley 2007). Without a clear national identity, a country while not necessarily in a state of active distress does feel slightly uneasy at the thought of having nothing clear and tangible to show to not only the inhabitants of the country, but also the world. Australia is one such country; the country has not invented a clear national identity. A national identity is just an invention; it is an important invention that symbolises a country and everything it stands for. In order to signify her growth as a nation, Australia needs to invent a clear national identity that all Australians can feel proud standing behind.

Australia’s lack of a clear national identity can largely be attributed to the country’s youth as a nation. The country only officially became a united nation in 1901 after federation. Australia is a young country that is
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