Australia Should Provide Foreign Aid

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Some of the main reasons why Australia provides foreign aid is to increase advanced systems and technology in other countries, decrease poverty, make other countries more stable generally and financially, etc. Some government and non-government organization like Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), AusAID, World vision, Red cross, etc. also help provide foreign aid to other countries. Australia’s 10 main focus points and the status of achievement for some of the following in providing aid to other countries are towards the following:
1. Agriculture
2. Fisheries and water
3. Effective governance institutions, policies, functioning economies, etc.
4. Women and girl empowerment – Not yet achieved
5. Gender equality
6. Health and education
7. Building resilience in social protectiveness, disaster management and risk control, humanitarian assistance, etc.
8. Infrastructure
9. Trade facilities
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All the aid is given mostly to support people living in those countries who are not as fortunate as Australians and need money to help fund hospital bills, educational bills, to provide clean and safe water, sanitation and unemployment.
However, the aid has some drawbacks which include some of the policies not being practical and occasionally being too political which makes the targeted poor people more vulnerable. Also governments receiving the aid could be partial which can also result in uneven and biased distribution of the aid which doesn’t solve any problems.
If I was to make a change is the Australian Government’s role, I would like to make sure that the Australian government keeps a track and makes sure that the aid provided to the countries is fairly and evenly distributed towards the targeted
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