Australia on Communism

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History Essay: Australia on Communism

How did Australian governments deal with the perceived threat of communism after 1950, both at home and abroad?


Communism was spreading during the 1950s. It seemed as though it had spread from the USSR to China and was still advancing, causing the Australian government to become fearful of communism eventually reaching Australia and the threat of communism existing within Australia. To fight this perceived threat they brought in policies and propaganda to fight it both at home and abroad. At home they attempted to ban the Communist Party, which was slowly gaining more support, and they claimed that they had
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The royal commission Menzies called on concluded that was no spy ring in Australia, but Menzies achieved what he was most likely aiming for and Australians became even more fearful of communism. In his attempt to promote this fear, Menzies even suggested that the Labor party were soft on communism. The fear the Menzies government spread worked splendidly and Menzies was elected for another term.

In conclusion, policies were put into place both nationally and internationally in order to fight communism within Australia and without. Internationally, Australia sought to form closer ties with her strong allies and so formed treaties to bring them together. Doing this helped the Menzies government in their bid to contain communism and stop the Domino Theory. To contain communism the Menzies government needed to introduce Forward Defence and “defend” Australia from the potential threat of communism. Australia entered the Korean War, Vietnam War and Malayan Emergency to do this. Within Australia, the use of propaganda also helped fight the threat. By attempting to ban the Communist Party of Australia and claiming that a Soviet spy ring worked in Australia, the government spread the fear of communism; people thought that communism had to be dangerous if the government got involved with it. With the use of those policies and
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