Australia 's Commitment For Refugee

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Australia’s Commitment to Refugee’s
Since the conclusion of World War II, countries across the world have been constantly searching for a solution to the resettling and protection of those who have fled from the war and violence of their country. The Refugee Convention of 1951, and the Protocol of 1967 were the first rights and regulations that were laid down by many nations (including Australia) to ensure the protection of refugees would remain constant throughout the world. By signing it, Australia committed to providing rights to any refugee that would arrive in Australia, and helped to reduce the number of displaced people after the tragedy of the war. (Hot Topics Book). However, after the recent conflicts in the Middle East, there has been an increase in refugees worldwide, causing a concerning refugee crisis. There were approximately 16.7 million refugees recorded in 2015, with Australia resettling 13750 of these each year, representing 1.4% of the 950 000 who desperately need to be resettled. ( In a response to these difficult times, the Australian Government has introduced new policies such as offshore processing and mandatory detention whilst processing refugee claims. These new policies have raised many questions about whether Australia is meeting the commitments of the convention and protocol, and whether they are providing refugees with their basic human rights.

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