Australia 's Culture And Equality

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The Indigenous inhabitants of Australia are constantly looked down upon by many in our national community, regarding their culture and equality. The continuing issue of degrading a national Indigenous sportsman and recipient of the Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes, an icon of Australia’s cultural identity. The racial comments and sporadic booing towards the performance of his Indigenous ‘war dance’ during the AFL Indigenous round, was ignited by fans who felt the ritual was confronting and aggressive.

The weekend edition of NITV News, presented this issue delicately, in regards to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders cultures and beliefs. It was however biased, by presenting 
confronting views as it was portrayed very one-sided. The perspective that the war dance was merely a celebration towards Aboriginal culture, is supported by Aboriginal sports representatives, Goodes and his indigenous team member, Lewis Jetta, the Northern Territory Senator Nova Peris and Indigenous NRL player, Jonathon Thurston.

Indigenous speaker for the program, Senator Nova Peris brought up the example of other 
cultures being able to express their traditional rituals without being ‘boo’ed’, such as the New Zealand teams performing their ‘Hakka’ against opposing players before the commencement of a sporting game. The fans respect this cultural dance by displaying silence, whilst performed, where as Adam Goodes’ ritualistic celebration was performed during the middle of play and aimed at…
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