Australia 's Drug Policies And Efforts For Change Essay

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United States comparative approach to Australia’s Drug Policies and Efforts for Change For as long as we have been a nation there have been criminal elements. Criminal elements are nothing new and often time’s criminal behavior is part and parcel with substance abuse. When people think of substance abuse the images that come to mind are often the work of fiction and have little to no resemblance to what the individual users adheres to. Meriam Webster’s defines substance abuse as a noun, “Overindulgence in our dependence on an addictive substance, esp. alcohol or drugs “(Merriam). Being a criminology major, I often ask myself why? Why do people gravitate towards substances and why individuals chose to follow the addictive path? Once we determine the why we can do what we criminologist do best, formulate a theory. I think understanding the societal factors of substance abuse and the correlation you can make between certain recurring themes will help better determine what pressures are in place that could influence ones’ decision making either way. The thing with criminology theory and especially socio-construct theory is that almost all areas have been covered, not trying to re-invent the wheel, but taking a different approach will still help better understand the issues at hand. The research will try to look at, what has been done and what those results show as well as what needs to be done moving forward. There are any multitude of issues that determine why someone
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