Australia 's Health Care System

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The Health care systems in Australia have one of the most affordable, accessing and comprehensive in the world. Access is the right to enter into and able to use the health care system. Australians have enablers and barriers that may affect their health care system. Barriers have limited or, no access to health care as consumers can have poor understanding of how to access health services, language difficulties for instance medical jargon’s or not understanding English at all, financial crisis and lack of health information. There are many accesses to the health care system for instance, GP’s, public hospitals, specialised care, community-based services and other private sector health professionals. Equity is the Australian population has equal access to any health care that a lack of regular disproportions in health that have various levels of causing advantage or disadvantages. Australia has a high class health system that is not accessed evenly by all Australians giving to need, especially the indigenous. According to the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing (1998), Consumer Participation is the development of involving health consumers in decision-making regarding health service planning, policy development, setting priorities and quality issues in the supply of health services, (Sharc, 2015). Tactics to consumer participation basically involve information on provision and support, to assist other consumers to make educated decisions. There are numerous factors
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