Australia 's Involvement During World War I

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Australia’s involvement in World War helped shape our nation and its history. It also shaped the way other countries see us in today’s society. This report will explain what World War 1 had to do with Australia and why we helped. It will also cover why so many men and women signed up for World War 1 and of course how it started. What caused World War? The long and short term. World War 1 was caused by long term tensions between European nations. This followed the unsuccessful attempt of France trying to achieve dominance in Europe. However on the 28th June 1914 there was an assassination of the Austrian heir- Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s, in his visit in Sara Jevo, Serbia. (Dugan 2000) Figure 2 shows an artist’s illustration of the Heir, his wife and the assassin during the attack. This resulted in Austria declaring war on Serbia. Russia soon pledged an alliance with Serbia, this was not long after Germany declared war on Russia. (Dugan 2000) Which Countries had Allies? World War 1 started between two countries Austria-Hungary and Serbia. But by the end of the war more than 32 countries were involved. The “Allies” included Britain, France, Russia, Italy, U.S and Australia. They were fighting against the “Central Powers” which included Germany, Austria-Hungary, ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. (World War 1, 2015). Refer to Figure 3 for a map of the Allies and Central Powers. Why did so many men and women enlist for World War 1? Men and women from
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