Australia 's Range Of Legal Requirements That May Affect Business Essay

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In Australia A range of legal requirements that may affect business. These are Business structure, Leasing premises, Intellectual property (IP), Employment, Risk management and Health, safety and the environment (HSE).The legal requirements must consider when starting a business. So one of the first things to find out when you 're starting out is what laws apply to your new business • Trade barriers & others In last 30 years Australia has progressively decreased trade restrictions as well as other trade distorting Measures which affecting goods. In 2005 it was 3.5 percent, down from 4.4 per cent in 2000. More than 47 per cent of tariff lines are duty free. The highest tariffs apply mainly to textiles and clothing and to passenger motor vehicles and related items. Some 96.5 per cent of tariff lines are bound and Over 99 per cent of tariff rates are ad valorem. But the specific rate applies only to cheese and curd, the compound rate applies to used cars Social /Culture Environment • Corruption:- Corruption is rare in Australia. It stands one of the least corrupt nation in the world. Because of well-functioning and independent judiciary, transparent regulatory climate. Recent high-profile corruption scandals involving Australian public officials, most notably in the border protection services and the procurement sector • Reference Groups According to an agreed work-plan Working Groups made up of a small group of members established to particular issues. Working
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