Australian Aboriginal Culture : Australia

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Australian Aboriginals Culture The Aboriginals are the indigenous people from Australia, and they are the oldest living culture in the history of the world (Australian Government 2008). Their ability to adapt and change over time are one of the reasons why their culture has survived for so long (Australian Government 2008). The indigenous communities in Australia kept their culture alive for so long by passing down their knowledge of arts, rituals, and performances from one generation to another (Australian Government 2008). The speaking and teaching of languages are other key aspects of the Aboriginal culture as well as the protection of cultural materials, sacred and significant sites and objects (Australian Government 2008). The land of Australia is viewed as more than just soil or rocks or minerals by the Aboriginals (Australian Government 2008). They view it as a land that sustains and is sustained by the people and their culture (Australian Government 2008). The indigenous have a spiritual connection with the land, and is important to their issues of today (Australian Government 2008). Each clan has its own territory that they adapt to, and is defined by geographic boundaries such as lakes, mountains, and rivers (Australian Government 2008). According to the article, “Australia Indigenous cultural heritage,” it is stated that “Ceremonial performances are seen as the core of cultural life.” (Australian Government 2008). It is a very important part of the

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