Australian Aboriginal Dramatist: John Harding

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Just as the oppression and degradation inflicted on African-Americans and other minority groups in America became the impetus for blistering expressions of artistic protest, from poets and playwrights alike, the Aboriginal population of Australia has also discovered its collective voice among its own creative community. As an actor, director, and playwright, John Harding has managed to capture the centuries of brutality and isolation forced upon his culture through his searing works of drama, and his 2002 production Enuff ranks as one of his most resonant works of art. Despite existing within a particularly isolated niche of Australian literature, Harding's intensely incisive Enuff has managed to captivate critical reviewers by virtue of the subtle approach to a searing contemporary issue: racial prejudice and institutionalized bigotry. By depicting a fictionalized scenario in which Australia's minority groups, predominately aboriginal and indigenous cultures along with people of African descent, make the revolutionary choice to take up arms against an oppressive government, Harding compels any audience member viewing Enuff to consider his or her own complicity in the continued societal subjugation of indigenous people. By examining the responses published by widely read literary critics, it is possible to gain a greater comprehension of the multilayered masterpiece that is John Harding's Enuff. In her review of Australian aboriginal literature entitled Blak Inside: 6

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