Australian Aboriginal Essay

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“Why do Aboriginal people have an unbroken and ongoing connection with the City of Sydney”. Discuss this statement in relation to an ‘Aboriginal Sydney’ event/exhibition/artifact. The city of Sydney is home to the largest Aboriginal population, which have maintained a living, continuous, day-to-day connection with the place for over 60,000 years. While the European invasion aimed to destroy any remains of this race, their strong spiritual presence remains unbroken. A major reason for the ongoing nature of this connection is that Aboriginal Peoples regard Sydney as a lifeline to their self-identity and it’s rich culture provides a constant reminder of the lifestyles of past generations. Even though traditions may not be widely…show more content…
As Zeppel (1999, p.185) explains in his article, the art piece is focused on his incredible resilience towards British invasion of his home, and in turn this mimics the united spiritual strength, respect and connection Eora People will forever hold with their land, country and people for many years to come. The Museum of Sydney is one of the few museums in the area that tries to depict the impacts of British colonization on Eora Aboriginal cultures. One of its most grand exhibits is the ‘Edge of the Trees’, a sculptural display of 29 pillars created of wood, sandstone and steel with intricate engravings, soft Aboriginal whispers and ancient artifacts. As stated in Emmetts (2001, p9.) work, these materials were specifically chosen by the creators, Janet Laurence and Fiona Foley, as carriers of memory and reflection of the past and present site. The change in these materials due to human interaction leads to continuous morphology of Sydney and reminds Aboriginal Peoples of the timeless phenomenon of the Dreamtime. This work of art has mass significance to the Aboriginal community as the site is charged with historical, cultural and emotional energy that is a rewarding reminder of their roots as well as a story struggling to be heard. The space is aimed at rekindling the sense of self and belonging to the city through tangible activities such as encouraging physical contact between
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