Australian Airline Industry : Executive Summary

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Australian Airline Industry

Executive summary
The Australian Airline Industry has been divided into two main categories, which are the International Airlines and the Regional Airlines. The overview of the Australian Airline Industry has provided according to the two categories. Following is the environmental analysis of the concerned Australian Industry in the context of economy and competitors. These factors have been chosen as they are closely associated with the business activities and strategies of the Australian Airline Industry and have been influencing the same right from its inception, however the following discussion is based on the impact of the economy, technology and competitors since July 2013.

The Australian
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In the duration of 2011 to 2002, there were 50 global airlines that focused on operating scheduled services from and to Australia (Poulton, 2014). These included dedicated operators of transport. Qantas has been recognised as the only global airline situated in Australia. In the year 2001 to 2002, the share market of Australian airlines fell from 37.5% to 35.2%. This was partly due to the fact that they had ceased the operations of Ansett International due to the collapse of Ansett Group. Ansett international was a company owned by Australia having the majority shares of 51%. In the duration of 2001 to 2002, the market shares of Qantas regarding passenger routes from and to Australia had been 34.5%. This calculation was on the basis of passengers being carried.

In this particular segment, medium has been described as the concentration of companies within the aviation industry in the duration of 2001 to 2002. In the same duration, 83% of trips of international passengers had been accounted to top ten airlines of Australia and 61% had been accounted to the top four airlines (TPC 2013). The remaining trips of passengers were served by a number of airlines utilising the large amount of global gateways of Australia. The comparative relevance of all of the major global airlines that serve in Australia has been illustrated in the pie chart given below. This pie chart depicts comparative shares of market as evaluated by number of global passengers by airlines
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