Australian Airline Industry : Executive Summary

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Australian Airline Industry

Executive summary
The Australian Airline Industry has been divided into two main categories, which are the International Airlines and the Regional Airlines. The overview of the Australian Airline Industry has provided according to the two categories. Following is the environmental analysis of the concerned Australian Industry in the context of economy and competitors. These factors have been chosen as they are closely associated with the business activities and strategies of the Australian Airline Industry and have been influencing the same right from its inception, however the following discussion is based on the impact of the economy, technology and competitors since July 2013.

The Australian Airline Industry has been highly successful in comparison with the global airline industry. In this report, the analysis will be focused on the Australian Airline Industry. Throughout the analysis, there will be an overview of the industry and will be followed by the environmental analysis. The environmental analysis will consist of the economic and political factors followed by the competitive analysis. This report will consist of the description of the present state of the international airline industry as well as the domestic airline industry of Australia.

Industry analysis
The Australian Airline Industry has been divided into three main categories (Poulton, 2014)
• International Airlines
• Regional Airlines

International Airline…
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