Australian Car Manufacturing Industry Comes to an End

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It is believed that the Australian car manufacturing industry has come to an end. The following essay will argue that the government should not provide finances to save the automotive manufacturing industry. There is a continuous debate between the shareholders of the automotive businesses and the Australian citizens on what should be done with this issue. In order to determine the strength of the argument, the following essay will completely analyze relevant information; examine the affects of moving production to overseas, why production is being moved? Take a look at who is to blame and what the media says should be done?

The car manufacturing industry is a large enterprise and supplies employment for more than 45,000 people and indirectly employs nearly 200,000 (Cassin, 2013). However it is believed that the Australian government should not provide funds to the car manufactures, Australia cannot compete with the larger automotive manufacturing countries. The statistics of 2013 show that, 1.13 million cars were sold, out of that figure just over 100,000 were purchased locally made. This tells us that less than 10% of Australian’s actually bought an Australian manufactured car (Smith, 2014). If we aren’t going to buy them who will?
Affects of moving production?
It is assumed that the Australian car production industry employs more than 200,000 jobs indirectly (Cassin, 2013). Therefore moving production overseas will cut a massive hole in the employment
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