Australian Christmas: A Holiday Short Story

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Each day, I'd wake up, and I'd tear the front page from my homemade Christmas countdown. The holidays have always been special for my family. Our home has long been the epicenter, just north of the shoreline, a great destination for friends and especially a holiday with family members trekking from all over the country to spend a week with us just in our home near Hyams Beach. Christmas morning was always my favorite. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, all stuffed three to a room, but no one ever seemed to mind. My sister and I would always be the first downstairs staring with apprehension at the piles of gifts before Mom would give us the go-ahead.
"All right," she'd say, "go ahead." With that, we were off, tearing through sheets of paper so fast it didn't seem like the gifts had ever been wrapped at all. After opening presents, we'd pile into the kitchen, most of us standing with the lucky ones coveting the sparse kitchen chairs. We'd eat breakfast containing lots of our Mom and Grandma's famous Italian Christmas cookies and we'd listen to my grandparents talk about what the Christmas holiday was like for them: a traditional Christmas at home with another quiet dinner on Boxing Day. Far from what our holiday's look like at my house. I had really been looking forward to this year until the fighting started. Not serious at first, but a lot of…
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