Australian Consumer Law Essay

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Introduction There was a major change for Australian Consumer Law. Within this paper, the differences on the old and the new system will be discussed further. Australian Consumer Law is a single national law, which is, applies in all jurisdictions, to all business and to all industry sectors. The ACL also represents a new approach to considering consumer policy issues, with the Australian Government and the States and Territories working closely together to consider develop and implement changes. This essay will explain about the differentiation between the old system and the new system. There are several benefits for the consumer such as, this ACL will replace 20 existing state with one law, this new law is also easier to understand…show more content…
* Lay-by agreement is also introduced in this ACL. * Product safety, a new national product safety legislative regime is set out. Also includes extensive new notification requirements for all suppliers. There are also specific protections for the new ACL against unfair business practices. Not like the general protections mentioned above this specific activities that can be particularly caused negative impact, such as; * Failing to supply gifts and prizes or not supplying them as offered (mislead). * Pyramid selling schemes; such as network marketing. This new ACL also cover consumer guarantees. They create a single set of statutory consumer guarantees replace the old system of conditions and warranties in the Trade Practices Act. The guarantees modernise and clarify the operations of the law on consumer rights in relation to goods and services and align Australia’s law with the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees act 1993. Lay-by agreements, on this ACL there is a rules that cover the basic elements of lay-by agreement transactions in a non-prescriptive way. There are some key themes in the Consumer Law changes - enhancing consumer protection, reducing regulatory complexity and having a consistent national approach to facilitate a seamless national economy. The key components of the framework involve a new national consumer law, to be called the Australian Consumer
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