Australian Court System

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Court is one of the more complicated methods for resolving disputes, but is also regarded as one with the highest quality of decision making. It is defined as an official forum where two parties come and present their arguments to a juridical party who administers justice. The Australian court system is hierarchical, where some courts are more important than others and handle different cases depending upon its severity.
One of the reasons that courts are a popular option for solving disputes are because cases are handled by legally qualified and experienced professionals. Judges must undergo over 10 years of legal education and training, as well as display integrity and strong ethics before being appointed. Lawyers are also required to undertake strict exams before representing their party in court and assisting with professional advice. The legal advice and setting of a court gives smaller parties a chance to stand against large corporations, like in the 2012 case between the Samaan family and KFC. The victim claimed that their young daughter was left severely brain damaged from salmonella poisoning after consuming KFC and the court
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The majority of jurors are also Caucasian, which can affect their judgement due to subconscious bias harboured towards minorities, especially Aboriginals, which was evident in the 2001 case against a 15 year old Aboriginal boy, Johnny Warramarrba. He was arrested for petty crimes and theft which totalled less than $100, and was sentenced to service in a youth detention centre where he committed suicide. Inquiry into his case after his death revealed that he was eligible for a diversionary program that would have kept him in his community and may have saved his life. The court had failed him as neither he nor his lawyer were informed of this
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