Australian Curriculum Essay

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The development of a national curriculum for Australia is not a new endeavour (Marsh, 2010). The ideal is that national curriculum across Australia would mean that students are provided with a quality education that helps to shape the lives of the nations citizens and continue developing the productivity and quality of life within Australia. The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority [ACARA] have the task of developing and implementing a nationwide curriculum. ACARA (n.d.-c) claims have addressed needs of young Australians while considering that changing ways in learning and challenges will continue to shape students education in the future. A look at what the Australian Curriculum is, its purpose, structure and scope,…show more content…
Another alternative is that curriculum as an outcome ties together the experiences of learners while at school with the purpose to achieve goals and objectives (Reid, 2005).

The Australian Curriculum is not designed to stipulate the whole curriculum; rather it is a blueprint that defines what students across Australia should be taught throughout their schooling years (ACARA, n.d.-g). The Australian Curriculum will provide specific information for the content that is to be taught, the extent of understanding, level of knowledge and the achievement standards and skills that will be expected of students (Hill, n.d.). Individual schools, teachers and communities make decisions about which activities, events and community based traditions to include in the classroom which focus on personal development and character (Hill, n.d.).

The Goal for Education

When meeting to discuss the educational goals that would apply to the curriculum for Australia, The Ministerial Council for Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs [MCEECDYA] committed to promoting equity and excellence and providing the support that young Australians need “to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active informed citizens” (MCEECDYA, 2008). The Australian Curriculum is designed to be world-class, providing challenges for students that prepare them for life long learning (ACARA, 2011b; Brady & Kennedy, 2010). The aims of the Australian
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