Essay about Australian Economy Post World War I

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It has been argued that after World War 1, Australia gained more than it lost. Even though there were many lives lost during the war, these losses didn’t hold Australia back as a country. Australia was fortunate enough to come out of the war with more than they put into the war. Some of these gains are - There economy boomed, the relationship between Australia and Britain was stronger, the women replaced the men's jobs, many immigrants were encouraged to migrate to Australia. Although Australia gained many things they still lost a lot. These were things such as Australia spent a lot of money, they lost many troops and lost trade with Germany. Although Australia lost some things, they were outweighed by the things they gained.

What happened to our economy and trade post WW1?

Post World War 1 Australia’s economy saw a massive improvement. Even though Australia had put in large amounts of money into the war they came out with and better and stronger economy. Even though Australia lost trade with Germany, Austria and Hungary after the war the country still started to boom. A large amount of new products were being made in Australia with Britain buying Australian wheat to commemorate Australia taking part in the war. As Germany, Austria and Hungary canceled the trade between them and Australia, Australia had to rely on themselves which opened up a lot of jobs and which meant that Australia produced 400 of their own products they had never made before.…

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