Australian Film Australi Multicultural Identity Essay

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Through Australian film Australia to discuss its multicultural identity.
1. Introduction
It is proudly acknowledged that Australia has played a role of the pioneers in the sublime world film industry, leaving abundant benefits to the nation so as to obtain a relative cinematic enjoyment in the contemporary era. Along with strong adherence to its multicultural value, it is foundational to the discourse of Aussie cinema. Australian movies not only are able to help enrich the establishment of national identity nut also can connect a more powerful relation with Aussie audiences. Multiculturalism primarily describes the difference between the modern Australian culture and its nation. The difference, as far as possible, enable to ensure every Australian citizens and nation’s interests. The film Australian discusses from the perspective of the cultural diversity among the Australian aboriginal culture, white colonial culture and Chinese culture. The cultural awareness of what is being Australian has been heightened, to some extent, a sense of cultural recognition has been under tentative quest and the industry vacuum has been partially filled with a wide spectrum of exploration into Australian multicultural identities.
2. Australia
The acknowledged Australia is like an Australian version of "Gone with the wind". The theme of the film not merely reveals the war and love, but analysis from various angles that Australia is a country with a variety of social and cultural conflict and

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