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Week 1: Screening Australianness ‘Newsfront’ (1978)

Newsfront (1978) is about the commencement of Australian television. It notions the changing times; the context before the television was a household object.
The movie marks the beginning of mass social and political change that was intensified by World War II. With countless men at war, Australian women were able to enter and overtake male roles in the workforce. As a result, Feminism was strengthening. Along with the Women’s movement into the workforce, Robert Menzie’s 16-year service as the Prime Minister created the ‘Menzies Era’, where great Australian change has said to be recorded. In such a conservative era, political and social revolutions were difficult to adjust to,
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Kenny (2006) is an Australian mock documentary about a blue collar Aussie bloke, attempting to belong in social situations outside of Australia. But Kenny has taught me, that you can take an individual out of Australia, but you can’t take Australia out of an individual. The mock documentary had greater success in America than Australia. The depiction of work-class Australian men, in the film, showed the amount of pride Kenny takes in completing his dirty job well. Kenny’s character struggles to belong in his immediate setting, and seeks for his identity in the work that he undertakes. His Australian identity is obvious in the mass use of colloquial language that displayed Kenny’s stereotypical Aussie communication methods.
Australian film and television deal with such themes by accepting the reality of Australian contexts. The Australian demographic are known for their rough humour and approach, hence the depiction of an Australian man, or woman, can be taken lightly and not offensively. At the same time, film and television are careful in representing Indigenous Australian as opposed to stereotypical white Australians. It is these historical, political, socio-economic ideologies that shape Australia’s national ‘type’.
Week 3: Screening Indigeneity ‘Mabo’ (2012)

Mabo (2012) revolves around the historical events that led to the abolishment of ‘terra nullius’. Translated into English, ‘terra nullius’ means
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