Australian Financial Review And Australian Newspapers

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Country Analysis
CMST 102
Jiasui Huang
Australia’s newspaper In Australia, there are two national and ten state or territory daily newspapers, 35 regional dailies and 470 other regional newspapers. Most of the newspapers are owned by News Limited, a subsidiary of News Corporation, or Fairfax Media. The two national daily newspapers are The Australian Financial Review and The Australian. Other famous newspapers are The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, The Age, and etc. The first newspaper in Australia was Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser and it was printed by George Howe from a humble cover located at the rear of Government House (The Australian’ Trove). George Howe had printing experience from the West Indies and London so he had good value skills to work at the government press. The colony’s first locally published book was produced in 1802 (The Australian’ Trove). The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser was printed with four portfolio pages of official material and a limited number of private notices (‘The birth of the newspaper in Australia, 2007). The Sydney Gazette was the only newspaper circulated in the colony until the publishing of William Charles Wentworth 's paper and The Australian in 1824 (‘The birth of the newspaper in Australia, 2007). New South Wales, Australia, which recognized as part of the Australian Newspapers service, allowed access to historic Australian newspaper (‘The Australian’, N/A). By the mid-thirties,
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