Australian Food Habits

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There are many reasons why Australians consume the foods that they do, sometimes we consume food aimlessly without even thinking about the food habits we have developed. I live with my parents which means that a lot of the foods consumed are based around convenience or they are cultural foods that mum and dad grew up with when they were younger. As a university student, I bring in my own income which also influences my food consumption. The aim is to use the Food and Diet Questionnaire and Food Frequency Questionnaire to ascertain the amounts of foods I eat as well as seeing what influences my food choice. I am lucky enough to still live at home where mum cooks the main meals and does all the shopping. We follow an Australian Diet which…show more content…
I rated price as being “extremely important” to me as a factor when choosing food when I am shopping. The correlation between cost and healthy food choice was evident when a secondary school and primary school cafeteria reduced the cost of fresh fruits and baby carrots by 50%. This increased the sale of fresh fruit from 14 items per week to 63 items per week and sales of baby carrots increased from 37 packets to 77 packets per week (French, 2003). I rated religious beliefs as “not important” as my family and I do not strictly adhere to all food customs of Christianity. Christianity makes up 61.1% of the Australian population compared with 22.3% of those with no religion, which indicates individuals still follow religious practices (ABS, 2013). My family and I celebrate major events such as Good Friday where no meat is consumed (Better Health Channel, 2011), Easter Sunday where eggs are used to symbolise new life and fertility (Religion Facts 2014a) and Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus (Religion Facts, 2014b). My living arrangements have the greatest influence on my diet. I currently live with my parents and siblings with time constraints and convenience influencing our food choice. This is due to work schedules; extracurricular activities which leads to quick meals being prepared
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