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Australian Hardware has a decline in profits as the external factor of high competition in the hardware market resulting in unable to increase in new customers, which affected to its revenue. Moreover, another main factor that impacted on its growth providing negative outcome is a low productivity of the store representative. Therefore, Australian Hardware has decided to make its organisational change by developing new strategic plan which will be focusing on services provided with new vision “ introduce new department that solely look after one client with all its requirements ”

• Articulate the expected benefits to ‘Australian Hardware’

Australian Haredware believes that by implementing this change they would be able to provide better
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The main operational changes are
1. Organizational structure change
2. Staff allocation to account management department

Change in organizational requirements –
1. Technical and equipment requirement in terms of employees’ knowledge and skills
2. The staff performance requirements (customer service skills) to comply with new position and their responsibilities to achieve change project’s objectives
3. General structure and operations of the business

As staff allocation to differing teams instead of doing one service as before would be beneficial in terms of sharing information to each other and solve the problem of short staff each day. Australian Hardware expected that they can provide the better service to increase their demand and profit for the company.

• Identify risks associated with the change

As a HR manager’s point of view, this change project is dealing mainly job rotation of permanent staffs to new department to provide new services to exclusive customers in order to gain more
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Staff turn over
According to less job satisfaction that may be impacted from allocation and new scope of job, there is a risk of staff resignation due to this change.

According to Wright & Bonett (2007) stated that satisfied staffs have a greater possibility to stay, and contribute to the company with competitive advantage and productivity. While Turnover impacts the cost of company and make the company lost its inherent tactic of knowledge (Amah, 2009).

• Turnover affects the cost of operations and drains the organisation of inherent tacit knowledge. Once these kinds of change resistance has been occurred, it would challenge Australian Hardware to achieve its change project’s objectives in terms of limited providing in services for its exclusive clients.

• Review and priorities change requirements or opportunities with relevant managers

1. Developing staff allocation plan and budgetary
2. Developing individuals skills for allocated employees to be able to perform new tasks by providing training which need to be completed prior to the project commencement
3. Installing computer and phone system to conduct customer
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