Australian Health Care System Essay

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Health and Medical Facilities in Australia

Like many other countries, Australia also has a universal health system. The Australian health system is supervised by the Department of Health and Aging and is managed by the Ministry for Health and Aging, which oversees national health policy, while state and territory government looks over some elements of the health care system like hospitals, primary care offices, etc.

Some most important facts about Australia public health care system
• The national public health care system in Australia, known as Medicare, was established in 1984. This system is funded by an overall 1.5% income tax that is allocated for Medicare (with an extra 1% tax imposed on high-income earners who do not get their own private insurance). Moreover, Medicare is also funded by a number of the general revenue from the government’s operating budget, which help out in covering the costs of the Medicare system for every resident, enabling them pay many out of pocket expenses.

• The universal health system is quite
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The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care is mainly responsible for making sure that all doctors and other health care professions are properly and effectively following the codes and procedures to keep Australian citizens and visitors safe especially when they are coming in Australia and require health care. This governing body also engage in printing yearly studies and statistics to demonstrate how the Australian health care system is working.

• Generally, the Australian health care system is exceptionally reliable. Moreover, it is very easy to navigate, even for international students as well. The university that overseas students are attending can help them navigate the system. The university can also help students to decide what they need to attain so as to be covered in terms of health care during their time in
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