Australian History : Australia 's History

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Shared History
Australia’s history goes far beyond 1788. 1788 was when the first fleet arrived from England and set foot on the sands of Botany Bay, Sydney. The term ‘shared history’ simply means that Australia’s history is shared between both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians and that the country actively acknowledges the fact that the first people who inhabited this country were Aboriginals. Professor Mick Dodson, who was the Australian of the year in 2009 stated the fact that Indigenous Australians are still affected by what happened to their ancestors back when the first fleet arrived. Dodson continued to explain that people who have little knowledge of Aboriginal history wouldn 't understand the pain that is still caused from the past, once people understand the history, they understand hardships back in 1788 and todays present time. Having a shared sense of history is a vital component of reconciliation and restoring the lives that have been affected by past situations. The reconciliation council suggests that shared history “involves changing the way that Australian history is constructed and represented. It involves non-Indigenous Australians identifying with aspects of Indigenous Australians ' cultures and histories. It also involves Indigenous Australians sharing their knowledge and perspectives of history in this country (Reconciliation Council, 1994, p. 1).

My cultural identity
To me cultural identity is defined as a sense of belonging. Every person…
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