Australian Indigenous People 's Historical And Contemporary Connections On Land And Sea And The Resources

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Describe and explain Australian Indigenous people’s historical and contemporary connections to land and sea and the resources derived from them. How have settler discourses associated with colonization affected these connections to country? The Australian Indigenous community hold extremely significant corrections to the land of Australia, of which they refer to as ‘Country.’ Indigenous people acquire deep meaning from the land, sea and the countless resources derived from them. This special relationship has formed for many centuries. To them ‘Country’ is paramount for overall wellbeing; the strong, significant, spiritual bonds embody their entire existence. Knowledge is continually passed down to create an unbroken connection of past, …show more content…

Country is precious, vital, and considered home to Aboriginals. To them, country is family, as they often describe it as if shares similar human characteristics. They care for country as they would to their brother or sister, and hold a certain responsibility to nurture country as it provides a sustained, well-nourished life. Each community member plays a role in the protection of country. Every member embraces a different, unique skills and when combined offer a greater life for everyone. Country is key to learning the essential hunting and gathering skills to live, feed and thrive off the land which is embedded in Indigenous culture. A great sense of trust supports this mutual ‘give-take’ relationship. ‘If you take care of country, country will take care of you.’ These beliefs are totemist and animist, which basically means Aboriginals perceive all natural objects to possess a spirit or soul. While totems are quite significant within Aboriginal culture as they act as symbols in a system of beliefs, signifying a relationship between an individual or group and an animal or plant. Thus, creating a link between the human, natural and supernatural worlds. As the word ‘totem’ comes from a Native American language where it represents group membership; and literally means is ‘he/she/it is a relative of mine’. Unique traditions, language, beliefs and values all comprise Indigenous culture. It is critical that a meaningful appreciation of their culture

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