Australian Indigenous People 's Historical And Contemporary Connections On Land And Sea And The Resources

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Describe and explain Australian Indigenous people’s historical and contemporary connections to land and sea and the resources derived from them. How have settler discourses associated with colonization affected these connections to country?

The Australian Indigenous community hold extremely significant corrections to the land of Australia, of which they refer to as ‘Country.’ Indigenous people acquire deep meaning from the land, sea and the countless resources derived from them. This special relationship has formed for many centuries. To them ‘Country’ is paramount for overall wellbeing; the strong, significant, spiritual bonds embody their entire existence. Knowledge is continually passed down to create an unbroken connection of past, present and future care for country. However, this deep, strong connection to country has been compromised by the main settler discourses of colonization; emptiness, occupation and possession. It is imperative for the future of Aboriginal culture that the Indigenous community are able to successfully reconnect with the land and establish their culture as equal.

Country is no one, single place. It is holistic and includes everything within the land and sea. Each community, referred to as a clan founded their territory or 'traditional land.’ Clans divided land though natural, physical boundaries of rivers, lakes and mountains. Thus, what developed were strong reductionist views, regarding Australia as multifaceted as it incorporated numerous…
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