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1.0 Introduction According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare ‘good health is an important element in a child’s quality of life as it can influence participation in many aspects of the life, including school and physical education’. A poor start to a child’s life increases the outcome of a poor adult life, as 24.9% of children aged from 5-17years already overweight or obese. These statistics are based on The International Obesity Task Force (IOTF), who have developed a standard age and sex-specific Body Mass Index (BMI) cut off point. Nutrition is the key factor of a student’s health and wellbeing, already students are; eating 48% junk food per day and eating majority foods that fall under the ‘red food’ category. (Health…show more content…
The Ottawa Charter consists of 5 action areas for health promotion: o Building healthy public policy o Create supportive environments o Strengthen community actions o Develop personal skills o Reorient health services According to the (WHO, 2016) The Ottawa Charter aims to ‘reduce differences in current health status and ensure equal opportunities and resources to enable all people to achieve their fullest health potential.’ The Ottawa charter provides the framework to identify what can be done at a; local community level, state level, national government level and international organisation level (WHO, 2016). In this report the Ottawa charter will be used to demonstrate what action areas that can be addressed to improve the nutrition, health and well-being of students at Centenary Heights State High School (CHSHS). The aim of this report is the focus of strengthening and developing each individual student’s personal skills, to help strengthen students’ nutrition, health and wellbeing. According to Better Health Victoria, developing personal of school students allows ‘people to learn (throughout life) how to prepare themselves for all of its stages and to cope with chronic illness and injuries is essential. This has to be facilitated in school, home, work and community settings.’ 2.0 Research and Findings According to nutritionist, Ms Vandana R.
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