Australian National Security Statement Analysis Essay

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At a time when Australia faces its most challenging strategic outlook since World War II, there is no issue more important to Australia’s security than the increased capabilities of our intelligence agencies and the development of a robust national security policy. The challenge Australia faces is defining our national security priorities in today’s globalised world and creating a national security architecture for the 21st century that can enable the Australian Intelligence Communities (AIC) to adequately protect Australia and Australian interests. In order to combat the increasing aspects of asymmetric and transnational threats the Australian Government needed to implement a National Security Policy (NSP) that is effective, adaptable,…show more content…
The purpose of the speech was to describe the scope of national security, the interests of national security, the principles and priorities and the government’s vision for a reformed national security structure. The statement set out the national security policy framework for Australia’s future. By providing a four block foundation of; building a more secure Australia with a future of security challenges, building a stronger economic Australia, building a fairer Australia among the disadvantaged and building an Australia capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century, the national security statement was a decisive and coherent step to a uniformed security approach that was long overdue.
By presenting a clear concise definition of national security ‘Freedom from attack or the threat of attack; the maintenance of our territorial integrity; the maintenance of our political sovereignty; the preservation of our hard won freedoms; and the maintenance of our fundamental capacity to advance economic prosperity for all Australians’ the statement provides a strategic framework to drive the necessitating policy. The statement also advises that this provides context for the Defence White Paper for the next twenty years, as I will detail later on the Defence Department already receives the majority share of the national security funding what this does is place an inordinate amount of responsibility into the hands of the Department of Defence.
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