Australian Politics And Its Impact On Social And Economic Issues

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Australian and American politics are both polarised by clashing philosophies between two major parties dominating the system, however, the United States is faced with a greater political dichotomy stunting the growth of legislation on social and economic issues. In Australian politics, these parties are the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal National Party and in the United States the Democratic Party and the Republican Party clash. These parties lie on opposite ends of the traditional political spectrum. The ALP and the Democratic Party both lie on the left, liberal end and the LNP and the Republican Party and the right, conservative end. While other parties exist in these states, the two most mainstream parties control legislation and are, therefore, the focus of major political debates on both social and economic issues facing society. The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University classifies a social problem as “a condition that at least some people in a community view as being undesirable” (Project LEGAL para 1). Abortion, same-sex marriage and climate change have morphed into social issues in societies like Australia and the United States due to their tendency to divide those with different opinions on how to handle them. There are elements ingrained in all social issues that people believe could erode society if they extend to all edges communities or, on the opposite end if they are not properly protected. Immigration is a divisive…
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