Australian Residential Tenancies Act 1997: Case Study

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Australian Residential Tenancies Act 1997 details every aspect of landlord tenant relation and lease agreement for caravan park site owners. When we study the situation in case study closely, we notice that in both cases, the tenants may have to involve the court since their situation is tricky and can be better decided by a court dealing with civil matters. We need to present the law that applies to the two situations mentioned in the case study. We will also explain what are the steps, that each tenant can take in their unique situations and how they can involve courts of their province/state. Let us first discuss the case of Christie: Christie had a lease agreement signed with the caravan owner Angelo where he mentioned that weekly rent would be $175. At the end of the expiration of the lease, he decided to increase it to $200 and had the new lease agreement prepared with $200 mentioned as weekly rent. But since Christie couldn't pay higher rent, he asked her to pay $175 but the lease was never changed. Christie continued to pay $175 and all was good with Angelo. However Christie has had many loud parties since she moved into the area. The neighbors have often complained about the loud noises and music. Angelo ignored this situation for some time but finally took notice and asked Christie to pay the arrears in rent which was the difference between stated weekly rent and the rent she was paying. Christie is now in a fix since verbally there had been an agreement between

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