Australian Societal Consequences That Affect The Unemployed Today

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Poverty, deprivation and exclusion (Saunders, 2011) are factors that have been identified as Australian societal consequences that affect the unemployed today. This essay will gain a greater knowledge of complex social disadvantages that must be recognised. In doing so studies, debates and solutions have the opportunity to gain further insight into how citizens value issues of poverty and disadvantage. While at the same time (Blakemore & Warwick-Booth, 2013) understanding how Governments introduce social policies as a means of ‘real world’ problem solving. With the purpose of understanding income management and unemployment. This essay will explain the (Blakemore & Warwick-Booth, 2013) intentions, statements, goals and ideas behind…show more content…
To make sure that welfare payments are spent on the essentials of life”. However people such as Paddy Gibson view the BasicCard and income management as (Gibson, 2009) patronising and taking away peoples self-determination. Especially when listening to an infuriating soundtrack about the BasicCard in a monotone voice repeating (Department of Human Services, 2014) “Do not throw away your BasicCard, Do not tell anyone the PIN for your BasicCard”. The mixed responses of this new policy really questions the effectiveness of it all. Recipients of the BasicCard are unable to purchase; (Katz, et al., 2010) alcohol, home brew kits, home brew concentrates, tobacco products, pornographic material, gambling goods and gift vouchers. However Reports have found that (Branley, 2014) many people are commonly finding ways around regulations. Many are suggesting it has all become a rather expensive failure. News headlines such as (Hermant, 2014) ‘Inexperienced cashiers selling cigarettes to BasicsCard holders’ and ‘BasicsCard users swapping groceries for grog’ do not provide much confidence in the success of the scheme. When the Coalition Government (Mendes, 2012) first introduced compulsory income management in 2007. It was evident that there was going to be an increase of individualistic policies influencing areas such as social disadvantage
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