Australian Societal Consequences That Affect The Unemployed Today

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Poverty, deprivation and exclusion (Saunders, 2011) are factors that have been identified as Australian societal consequences that affect the unemployed today. This essay will gain a greater knowledge of complex social disadvantages that must be recognised. In doing so studies, debates and solutions have the opportunity to gain further insight into how citizens value issues of poverty and disadvantage. While at the same time (Blakemore & Warwick-Booth, 2013) understanding how Governments introduce social policies as a means of ‘real world’ problem solving. With the purpose of understanding income management and unemployment. This essay will explain the (Blakemore & Warwick-Booth, 2013) intentions, statements, goals and ideas behind Governments social policies, that are meant to improve social welfare, education, health, housing and social security. Has the introduction of income management through the BasicCard been effective? Has the introduction of income management really decreased the number of people gambling and drinking? And how does the crackdown of the Newstart Allowance hinder or improve the system? All of these questions will be answered through understanding that (Cowan, 2014) most unemployed people don 't need long-term solutions, just a short-term safety net. According to the Centrelink website (Deparment of Human Services, 2014) ‘income management is a way to help manage your money to meet essential household needs and expenses’. Jenny Macklin, Minister…
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