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1.0 Introduction
Sport in Australia has developed rapidly, gaining popularity amongst fans and players, to create a successful industry benefiting from multi-million dollar turnovers each year. Popular sports in Australia have all used money, marketing and media successfully to increase profits and encourage major participation growth. These techniques are seen in rugby league, AFL and cricket which all dominate in ratings and participation. Unlike these sports, volleyball struggles with participation and viewers, which can be directly linked to its poor use of money, marketing and media techniques. A range of techniques will be given to increase popularity of volleyball at Proserpine State High School and the Whitsunday region.
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This decreases participation because few people watch television at this time leading to non-existent exposure to Australian games unless streaming online. Large sponsors avoid the sport because the cost of prime-time exposure is better value than cheap ‘grave-yard slots’ that volleyball offers, decreasing the money earned from sponsorship to support marketing. People that stream volleyball choose international games over local ones based on quality, negatively impacting the participation and viewers locally. It has limited angles and sideline cameras but are mostly used for challenges. This lowers spectators because the same camera angle can be boring to viewers, reduces the impact great hits, aces and saves have on a game compared to other sports respective method of scoring. The sport increased its turnover in the last two years, leading to a season of ‘Inside Volleyball’ (talk show) being broadcasted on 7two. Volleyball is not reported in print or radio, limiting coverage and exposure to the general public. Viewers who are not made aware of competition held in Australia or any of the national player’s impact participation because they immediately side with the sports which have greatest coverage and well-known athletes since there is more…show more content…
First the school should build its participation through its social media accounts and newsletter to increase participation and exposure. More school comps should be run with prizes depending on player numbers to encourage new people to have a go .This would increase popularity because people who are athletic would participate even if they haven’t played for a chance to win. Other schools in the area should also start school training, eventually resulting in inter-school comps which have small travel time but equal game quality. This would increase participation because people choose sports where there is a relatively high skill
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