Australian Tourism

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1/2. The Australian Tourism Commission's website ( appears to be targeting a younger, wealthier demographic of both gender, from Western nations. There are a few reasons for making this assessment. The website's photographs feature mainly younger people in their 20s or 30s, whereas if the Commission was targeting older travellers the photos would mostly be of people in their 50s and 60s. The layout is clean and professional, something that appeals visually to professionals and something that is specifically not in line with the layout design of Asian websites. This indicates that Asian travellers are not the primary target market. Additionally, the website does not feature a significant amount of social media, which indicates that the target market is slightly older, as the younger generations of Westerners have fully integrated social media into their lives. However, the student market does not have much money, so it appears that older young people (late 20s, 30s) are being targeted instead. Indeed, that the first link on the "Things to do" page is "Australia for youth(ful) travellers" indicates that the younger demographic is the target market. However, there is also the intimation that older travellers are also being targeted, as long as they are young in spirit. In a way, this almost tells us that they are targeting an older demographic but without wanting to say it outright. This strategy seems to be focused on appealing to the aspirations of well-off
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