Australian Wine Industry Report

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Global and International Business Contexts
Australian Wine Industry Report
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1. Introduction
1.1 Company background and brand concept
1.2 Importance of Diversity and cultural different between European & Australia
1.3 Develop a model and factors of buying behavior between European & Australia

2. Porter’s National Diamond model
2.1 Factor Conditions
2.2 Home Demand Conditions
2.3 Related and Supporting Industries
2.4 Firm Strategy, Structure, and Rivalry

3. Strategic evaluation between European & Australia
3.1. Measurable
3.2. Accessible
3.3. Substantial
3.4. Actionable
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He points out that, all around the world‘s organizations will have to deal with managing diversity globalization not just in their countries. America’s workforce has highly concern over how cooperation can best manage their human resources such as motivation, training in increasing diversity environment.
Therefore, this paper is direct toward what is the different between equal opportunities and managing Diversity, what is globalization’s consequence for industries, HRM in international’s values and organization behavior. Besides, it reflects that how it can link to change between European and australia. This paper not only direct toward how an organization can expand its international business opportunity and globalization, but also get the analysis how an company create new environment to richer solute their problem which with the advent of globalization between European and Australia.

1.1 Company background and brand concept

Château Lafite, On 8 August 1868, which was under public sale as part of the Ignace-Joseph Vanlerberghe succession Château Lafite Rothschild for the preceding period. Just 3 months after the purchase, Baron James passed away, and Lafite became the joint property of his three sons: Alphonse, Gustave and Edmond. The estate then included 74 hectares of vineyards
Nowadays, the company believes that Australia is the important
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