Australians' Belief in Equal Employment Opportunity

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Access to Education and Training as a Means of Promoting Equality of Opportunity in today's Australia
It is a social norm for Australians to believe in equality of opportunity. Moreover, numerous of them strongly believe that it is being recognized in practice that Australians' life prospects are less reliant on their birth environment and less hindered by inflexible class makeup, or lack of social networks, than are the life prospects of numerous people in other comparable nations.
Equal Opportunity, occasionally calledย equality of opportunity, is a contentious yet significant decision-making standard with no exact definition concerning HYPERLINK "" o "Fairness" fairย preferences within the HYPERLINK "" o "Public sphere" public domain (Austen 1999). Although it normally depicts open and just contest with equal possibilities for achieving employment without any HYPERLINK "" o "Discrimination" discrimination, the idea is intangible with a broad meaning. It is difficult to determine, and execution leads to issues as well as differences concerning what to do.ย It is being applied to gradually broader areas and not just employment like lending, housing, education and sports as well.
The core ofย equality of opportunityย is a proviso that every individual must be treated equally, unhampered by false obstacles or chauvinisms or favoritism, unless if a

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