Australia's Alliance Advantages

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Australia has benefited from the alliance as it has helped Australia serve is economical aims. Today, the US and Australia are the two most important producers of ‘energy and also energy technologies’ (Campbell 9). In other areas of the economy, Australia has now become the fourth largest producer in coal in comparison to other countries. Through this partnership, Australia has benefited greatly as it has been a major leader in the creation of a global energy security as well as implementing strategies and practices to reduce the effects of climate change. This project has led to the creation of job opportunities for people in both Australia and America. In terms of serving Australia’s aims, the ANZUS treaty has impacted Australia greatly. The partnership with America has elevated Australia’s position in the world in the effort to decrease the rate of the creation of weapons of mass destruction (Campbell, 9). Other benefits that serve Australia’s aims are identified through the key role Australia played in the creation and success of the Nonproliferation treaty. This was an international treaty whose objectives where aimed to preventing nuclear weapons and promoting peaceful nuclear technology.…show more content…
The last few decades has seen the increase of Australia’s position and influence around the world. This is due to the joint operations and activities that the Australian and American army participates in. The significance of joint training operations creates an ideal position for Australia in terms of security and integration. As well as this, the US has a powerful and technologically advanced military base. Australia benefits from this alliance as it provides resources for personnel performance and military equipment, which would otherwise by
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