Australia´s Coastal Erosion Processes

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Two regions that are heavily affected by erosion include the gold coast and the tweed coast. Erosion is caused when wind, tides, currents, and waves move sand causing beaches to constantly change their shape. Rising sea levels, storms, and human impacts result in a decrease in beach foreshore, and if proper measures are not taken beaches will eventually disappear. The gold coast and its beaches have been heavily affected by erosion. Some of the largest issues that the coast is currently facing includes increased erosion due to the recent high frequency of storms, rising sea levels, and climate variability. The growing population and increasing number of visitors who frequent the gold coast are putting pressure on the beaches and increasing potential erosion. Various projects and plans have been created and proposed in order to alleviate erosion impacts in the region. The Tweed River Sand Bypass Project was created to establish and maintain a clear area for boats to navigate down the Tweed River, which is located on the border of New South Wales and Queensland. When the river channel becomes blocked, the area is dredged to maintain the structure and allow boats to continue to use the river. The project supplies sand to southern gold coast beaches in an attempt to keep beaches nourished and decrease erosion. The tweed river is an especially important site along the gold coast, as the…
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