Australia’s Cultural Perspective of Gender and Violence, A Research Outline

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Social Inquiry Methods Assessment: Research Critique 'Real' violence?: gender and (male) violence - an Australian perspective 1. AIMS, QUESTIONS AND/OR HYPOTHESES The research aim of 'Real' violence?: gender and (male) violence is to highlight the links between Australia’s cultural perspective of gender and violence, particularly the social distinction between ‘normal’ (male to male) violence and domestic (male to female) violence. The writer hypothesises that violence should be looked at as a social construct of masculinity rather than focusing on the degree of violence or the gender of the victim. The aims, questions and hypotheses are clear and logically developed from the literature review. However, the literature review is minimal, and few sources have been found to give a background to the concepts presented. 2. RATIONALE AND JUSTIFICATION FOR THE STUDY The purpose of a literature review is to collect information on the proposed research topic, and to identify what research, if any, has already been done (McKinney, 2008). This will highlight what information is still needed in order to gain a better understanding of the topic (McKinney, 2008). It is important to know what is already understood about the topic, so that any research conducted will contribute to the field and further develop the existing knowledge (McKinney, 2008). It is clear the research aims to contribute a change of attitude about the topic. The justification for the importance of the

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