Australia's Interests : Security, Prosperity And Sustainability

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By successfully conducting an effective and efficient economic administration, building and running a solid economic performance and joining lots of free trade agreements and the World Trade Organization (WTO) in order to get high trade profits are some of the reasons why Australia is known as a competent and well-governed country. This economic attainment has allowed Australia to be able to nurture its development assistance program in the Asia-Pacific region. In the future, this program is expected to strengthen and sharpen the prospects for better governance and communities in the region in particular and in elsewhere in general. Australia has been working together with
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By looking at the common history and mutual values, Australia 's alliance with the United States is forged by a strong foundation. On the one hand, the establishment of the free trade agreement between the United States and Australia on January 2005 indicates that there is a new chapter in their relationship. This agreement is giving exporters from Australia opportunities to expand their commercial exchanges. On the other hands, in terms of security, the relationship between the two countries remains vital to both. It can be seen when the ANZUS Treaty was called for the first time after the 9/11 tragedy that shock the whole world happened. Rod Lyon argued that ANZUS Treaty is not only an agreement which has precise contribution to the bilateral bond, but it is also an agreement which has specific objective to guarantee Australia 's security in domestic and global scales (2008, p. 53).
Furthermore, the ANZUS Treaty is one of Australia 's tools to keep its membership and role in the Western community. Since the United States has played a crucial role in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in terms of security for over the last seven decades, the security alliance between Australia and the United States also provides beneficial assistance regarding to the Australia 's capability of self-reliant defense. Negotiated treaties with the United States allow Australia to
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