Australia´s Leading Telecommunication: Telstra

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Company 1: Telstra Telstra is known as Australia’s leading telecom and selective Information Services Company, who offer a full chain of communications services and competing in all telecommunications markets. In Australia we provide 15.8 million mobile services, 7.7 million fixed voice services and 2.8 million retail fixed broadband services. Their motto is that the more connected people are, the more opportunities they have. That's why we help create a brilliant connected future for everyone, everyday. Telstra’s future goal is to improve their customer advocacy, drive value from the core and building new growth businesses. Remuneration highlights year 2013 Remuneration outcomes in FY13 were consistent with the company’s positive…show more content…
Company 2: National Australia Bank Group (NAB) National Australia Bank Group (NAB) is a financial services organisation which is one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia in areas of market capitalisation. It was founded on the 4th of October 1858. They have a mission of giving more and taking less. NAB has over 12,400,000 clients, 42,000 people and are operating more than 1,800 stores and services centres worldwide. Remuneration highlights year 2013 NAB's has a remuneration belief is strengthened by principles which links bonuses to senior executives to create shareholder value and it also provides a competitive wage level that attracts and retains top quality talents. The NAB board established a remuneration committee which is accountable for reviewing, assessing and recommending the board with remuneration policies and practices that meet the NAB group. Types of remuneration offered NAB's total rewards framework consists of: • Fixed Remuneration- which is generally reviewed annually, external benchmarking is used to ensure that fixed rewards are comparable and competitive within the market. Additionally, individual performance, skills, and experience are also taken into consideration when fixed remuneration is being set. The market position is around the range of 80% to 120%, the upper half of the range is limited to extraordinary achievers. • Short- term Incentives- these are rewards for
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