Australia's Political Evolution

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Australia is a very interesting, complex and understood country. This country is as diverse as its landscape and its people. Australia’s political evolution is a story of aborigines, criminals, aristocracy, sheep and gold. To understand Australia’s political socialization and culture and their impacts on current levels and types of political participation requires a discussion on Australia’s history. As with all colonized lands, there are many sides to the same story. This diversity resulted in a journey to independence that is very different than that of the United States. In this paper I will discuss key points in Australia’s history, what the current political structure looks like, and a general idea of the type and volume of citizen participation. The history of Australia begins with its first known people called the “Aborigines.” The Aboriginal people settled mostly in the coastal areas of Australia in tribes as hunter gatherers. The Aborigines were known as “fire stick farmers” as they would burn away dry brush to expose grass for their herds which subsequently burned up nutrients in the soil making a large portion of the land unsuitable for farming. This would be a sore subject in the Aborigines relationships with the first settlers who wanted to build and grow and not be nomadic; thus the…show more content…
In 1901 when the Parliament created the Commonwealth of Australia, the six existing colonies banded together to form the states of a nation, ruled by a constitution creating a federal system of government with powers divided between the state governments and the federal commonwealth. The state and the federal governments have executive, legislative and judicial branches and individual constitutions. Next I will discuss how the citizens participate in this structure of
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