Australia's Struggles with the Nutritional Problems of Its Citizens

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Food Choices in the Australian Household Abstract/Declaration Australia's struggles with its citizens' nutritional problems are not unique. Australia's struggles with such problems as uneducated food choices, the lack of healthy food choices, the direct connection between socioeconomic disadvantage and poor nutrition, the direct connection between advertising and obesity in children, the need for early education about healthy food choices, and the need for a home environment that supports healthy eating are being addressed by researchers across the Globe. These many studies have resulted in an enormous amount of data; however, wading through these studies reveals the varying reliability and usefulness of their findings. It appears that there is no uniform standard for assembling a survey population, creating survey tools, collecting data, examining data or reaching conclusions. Nevertheless, after one has scoured the research, a pattern emerges among the more impressive studies, in this case regarding Australian food choices. They assert that education, finance and home environment influence food choices in Australian homes and their conclusions appear to be solidly supported by scientific research and honest data examination. Introduction Though an ultra-modern country, Australia still struggles with the problems of food choices and their effects on Australians' health. These problems are not unique to Australia, as researchers worldwide have conducted numerous

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