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Australia has several ties with other countries. These ties are established in several ways, one of which is through trade. The nature of trade includes exporting and importing goods and services which form trade links with partner countries. Trade comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Australia also takes part in multilateral agreements, such as APEC, to be able to strengthen trade links.
International trade is the exchange of goods and services between nations. Goods meaning tangible objects like clothes, food and such, while services are non-tangible items like tourism and education. Australia imports and exports a variety of goods and services. Australia’s leading exports in 2009 were Coal, Iron & or and education, while
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Australia’s Position in the global exporting market is only 22nd, which is far from its leading top trade partners that fit in the Top 5. Also, Australia’s global ranking in the global importing market is 18th, which is under India whose economic status is much lower than Australia. A second disadvantage that Trading brings to Australia is the competition between local small businesses and Trans National Corporations (TNC). Local businesses are closing down and being taken over because of the increase in the entrance of TNCs in Australia. Large Fast food chain Corporations like McDonalds, put local fish and chips shops under pressure. Another disadvantage with Australia being part of International trading is that most of the products that Australia export are agricultural goods that has high tariffs, making it costly for Australia to be able to export.
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is the pre-eminent economic rally in Australia’s region. APEC’s goal is to drive an extensive trade and investment liberalisation and facilitation agenda. It is focused on structural reform as a means of raising competitiveness and the efficiency of trade and investment flows. It has helped Australia with building and strengthening ties with other countries such as Brunei, Singapore, Philippines and other countries in the region. In 2009, 70% of Australia’s trade is with APEC countries.
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