Australia's Universal Healthcare System: A Case Study

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The Australian healthcare system is universal meaning that it is "an organized healthcare system that provides healthcare benefits to all persons in a specified region." (1) This is delivered to the public through Medicare, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme , and public hospitals, to support these health services there are many funding strategies in place. To achieve the objective of providing accurate results to diagnose and treat patients. Medical scientists work with laboratory technicians, general practitioners , and pathologists. In recent years, there have been many advancements in technologies to decrease the risk of human error and provide faster results however this may have an impact on the current role of medical scientists as a result of these new emerging machines.

Current funding strategies used to support the health service in Australia.
Australia's health care system is funded and managed by the national, state and local governments. Medicare, which is Australia's universal healthcare system has the aim of improving the access to healthcare for all …show more content…

Over 2600 brands of prescription medicine were given access by the PBS in September of 2010. (4) The individual pays for part of the cost of the medicines and the Government pays the rest of the cost. Co-payment amounts are adjusted in line with indexation on 1 January each year. (5) The PBS is funded by the government through taxpayer dollars. Spending on the PBS can help to prevent serious conditions from developing thereby reducing hospital stays and other demands on hospitals and as a result this may reduce the cost of the wider health system by

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